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When we are asked in the end of time / Neda Darzi

foto de autor

Neda DARZI (Tehran, Iran, 1971)

   Obtained her diploma from Tehran girls school of art in 1992. Persuing higher education, got B.A from Tehran open University and M.A from art university in Tehran 1999. Has held 8 solo exhibitions and taken part in more than 46 group shows in Iran, France, Italy, Spain, Turkey, Greece... By using some of her original Tapestry, ceramic, and photographs, she has also been involved with making conceptual video installations, which reflect Iranian culture as well as her own identity. 

Página web: http://www.nedadarzi.com   [not updated / sin actualizar]

When we are asked in the end of time

-muestra inédita de una pintura reciente de la autora-

A 14 pieces installed painting “When we are asked in the end of time”
-Mixed media 250x25Ocm-20th June 2009- Neda DARZI

This recent painting is dedicated to whose pure bloods make us responsible for our upcoming generations, finished the day NEDA died…

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